We chat to Petra Jungebluth and Todd Schulz from Cloud7 about Berlin, working as a team and that sneaky cigarette.



To mark the imminent arrival of Cloud7 products to Australian shores, we shot some rapid-fire questions to Petra Jungebluth and Todd Schulz, the brains behind the brand. Find out what makes them tick.

Petra, could you describe Todd in four words?  
Funny, straightforward, generous and impatient.

Todd, could you describe Petra in four words?  
Incorruptible, modest, polite, tall.

Describe Johan in four words.  
Ian Thorpe meets Grobi (from Sesame Street).

A quirk or interesting thing that Johan does.  
Sneezes by command.

How is life for a dog in Berlin?  
In Johan’s words: an exciting multicultural mix of characters.

Could you recommend dog-friendly places in Berlin?  
Definitely Herr Rossi, the splendid Italian restaurant in our street, where they are so generous to give their anti pasti also to visitor’s dogs (when the owners are not watching).

If you didn’t live in Berlin, where would you live?  
We have been around a bit, New York, London, Amsterdam, so Berlin will probably be our final destination. In combination with our little country house just outside Berlin this seems just perfect for now.

What makes Berlin so exciting?  
Compared to other metropolitan cities it is still relatively cheap to live here and therefore attracts an interesting bunch of international weirdos.

Petra, how did you end up working in fashion?  
Being a young girl it seemed to be the most exciting way to do creative work.

Todd, how did you end up working in advertising?  
I guess I just got corrupted with the obscene salaries they were offering.

How do you work as a team?  
Peace, love and understanding.

What did you wanted to be when you were a child?  
(Petra) Vet, of course. (Todd) I reckon it wasn’t becoming the marketing guy for a pet accessories brand.

Petra, do you consider yourself an optimist?
Yes, without any doubt.

Todd, what keeps you going when things get tough?
Having a cigarette.

Would you agree that ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’?
(Petra) In a very trivial sense this was surely a reason to come up with the idea for Cloud7, because we simply couldn’t find any dog stuff we liked. (Todd) Wasn’t that Frank Zappa?

What are you reading at the moment?  
(Petra) Hans Fallada’s Every Man Dies Alone, a novel about resistance movement in Third Reich Berlin. (Todd) Javier Marias, a spectacular Spanish novelist.

Do you collect anything?
(Petra) I have a small collection of local handy crafted things from places we had visited. (Todd) I used to collect vinyls until they got too heavy when constantly moving places.

If money was not an issue, which art piece would you own?  
(Petra) A nice William Wegman’s print of his Weimaraner dog Man Ray. (Todd) If anyone reading this has a Raymond Pettibon steam train drawing for sale, I may even skip the money related part of the question.

All images courtesy of Petra Jungebluth and Todd Schulz

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