We’re proud to provide dog owners with a means to stay connected to their canine friends like never before.

The future is here. It was only a matter of time before some clever minds came up with an alternative to the lights we pop on our pups in the park at night, and here it is. The Link AKC smart collar is equipped with GPS and sensors that allow owners to track wandering dogs, monitor vital stats (temperature, distance travelled), and keep track of vet records, all monitored from a smartphone. It also has an inbuilt light! The Link AKC team is a mix of app nerds and dog lovers endorsed by the American Kennel Club (AKC), who want to connect with their pups on a new level.

Why we love Link AKC
Unlike many human tech wearables, these brown leather collars look sharp. But if your dog’s not keen to mix things up the tracking unit can glide onto their current neckwear.

Note: The Link AKC collar does not work without a data purchase plan. For more details, read the FAQs on their website.