ALQO WASI — Four&Sons


Blending Peruvian natural fibres with timeless design, Alqo Wasi (‘dog home’ in Quechua) offers a complete wardrobe of alpaca sweaters and accessories, organic Pima cotton t-shirts, and sheep’s wool toys. Luxuriously soft and sustainable, every item is created for comfort, warmth and style. Founder and director, Patricia Queirolo (alongside the head of marketing and design), creates collections that won’t go out of fashion—from the Inca-inspired ‘llama poncho’ to the intricate zipper patterned sweater. Alqo Wasi has recently launched their online store. Fabulous knitwear is now just one click away.

Why we love Alqo Wasi
The many talented people who work with Alqo Wasi are from vulnerable and marginalised zones, where their trade is often overlooked or undervalued. By employing local hand-looming and natural-dye experts, as well as artisan weavers, embroiderers, and knitters, Alqo Wasi proudly helps create and sustain a future for local communities—and for pets around the world.