MAX-BONE — Four&Sons


There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to dressing up dogs: it’s silly, or it’s sweet. Sure, dogs already have fur coats, but certain breeds need an extra layer or two in a harsh winter. Enter Max-Bone, which puts an end to the argument with cable-knit sweaters, bow-ties, and ascot-like bandanas. (Machine-washable beds, American-made leather leashes, and plush toys are also on the Max-Bone list.) The Los Angeles–based label was founded in 2011 by Parisa Fowles-Pazdro, a Stockholm-raised designer and the co-creator (along with her husband) of womenswear brand Max Fowles. The label releases new designs every two months. Next up are “Cotswolds-inspired” pine green and checks.

Why we love Max-Bone
Fowles-Pazdro refuses to compromise on quality, and incorporates the same high-end modals and rayons used for human tees. A portion of sales and “a lot of toys” are also donated to doggy charities.