Throughout history, dogs have played myriad roles—from comrades-in-arms to companions at our heels. We want to add muse to that list. 

Four&Sons is both a print and online publication where dogs and culture collide. Chronicling the work of interesting people and their interesting dogs, Four&Sons is a guided tour through the worlds of art, photography, music, literature—even maths—as inspired  by man’s best friend.

Editorial Team

Marta Roca
Creative Director
Roca is forever amazed by the strange and wonderful bond between dogs and humans. A designer by trade, she also fancies herself the editor of Four. Marta loves black and white and everything typographic. If she was a dog, she would definitely be a Dalmatian. And if someone had the courage to do a biopic about her, Woody Allen would probably take on the title role.

Nadia Saccardo
Saccardo is a New York-based writer, an editor and a sometimes-producer who has a thing for underdogs. She co-published Pallet magazine, edited Smith Journal, helped start Good Sport, and currently moonlights at VICE.


Dina Avila
Portland-based Avila’s photography focuses on food, lifestyle, portraiture, and architecture. She is a regular contributor to Eater PDX and her client list includes Travel + Leisure, The Wall Street Journal, Art Culinaire, and GQ.

Winnie Au
Au is a New York–based photographer of people, food, dogs, and spaces. She recently published her first dog-portrait book, Canine Chronicles. Her work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Japan, Twin, Modern FarmerThe Bark, Refinery 29, and Teen Vogue. Au loves corgis and bassets and hopes to have an army of long dogs someday. She currently lives with  her basset hound Clementine.

Kate Ballis
Ballis is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She loves to capture artists and designers at work. She is about to head off to shoot in Central America and, upon her return, will be looking for the perfect (hypoallergenic) pooch.

Lisa Bengtsson
Bengtsson is a pattern designer from Stockholm, Sweden. She started her company, Studio Lisa Bengtsson, in 2007 and now produces all sorts of patterns and products with “love, happiness, and personality”. Her work can be seen on wallpaper, fabric, porcelain, and posters all over Sweden, and in 17 countries around the world.

João Bento
Bento was born in Portugal in 1981. Bento’s interest in animals, nature and photography, and his passion for the relationship between humans and dogs, is put to work searching for new and old—and always great—projects related to dogs. Since 2010, Bento has been looking at—and photographing—dog walking on the beaches of Barry Island in the UK. Bento is author of online space Fauna&Flora.

Wilfred Brandt

Midwest-U.S. born, Australia-based writer Brandt hopes to one day be responsible (and financially stable) enough to own a dog. He’s self-published a novella (Cannonball) and a zine of art (Gentlemen Prefer Bombs), and has written for Monster ChildrenSmith JournalANP Quarterly, and They Shoot Homos Don’t They?. On Instagram he’s @ThickThongs

Curtis Buchanan
The L.A.-based photographer enjoys skateboarding, surfing, and eating-out three meals a day. He has shot for brands including Nike, Supreme, Stüssy, Mini Cooper, Quiksilver, and A Bathing Ape; his work has been featured in international group shows. Buchanan is obsessed with his French bulldog, Ramon.

Kenneth Cappello
Los Angeles-based Cappello assisted David LaChappelle in the ’90s, and has since shot brands including Adidas, Givenchy, Nike, Puma, Stüssy, and Supreme; and artists including James Franco, Lil Wayne, and Iggy Pop. Cappello also directed music videos for the Kills, Riff Raff, and Rye Rye. His book Dream & Drive features tour photos of the Kills. He has a Chihuahua named Cicciolina.

Caroline Clements
Clements is a writer and editor of Australian online (and sometimes in print) publication Broadsheet. She is currently based in Melbourne but often heads north to Sydney to catch some rays when it rains down south. When she grows up she wants to get a Hungarian Vizsla. In the meantime, she’s open to dog sitting.

Lauren Coleman
When Coleman isn’t spoiling her two-year-old Brussels griffon Biggie Smalls, she’s photographing interiors, products, and landscapes in New York City.

Lisa Marie Corso
Corso is a writer and editor based in Melbourne. By day she works as managing editor of The Design Files, by night she writes her blog I Won’t Apologise, and in-between she is probably reading The Daily Mail’s celebrity section. Every day she thanks her parents for naming her after Elvis’s spawn.

Jason Crombie
Crombie is the editor of Monster Children and the founder/neglecter of Wooooo magazine. He contributes to other publications, including the one you’re holding right now, and he is working on a collection of short stories. When not writing, Crombie can be found wearing women’s clothes and weeping.

Andie Cusick
After stints at Nylon magazine and Urban Outfitters, and as a teacher in Tanzania, Cusick is currently a contributing editor at The Sunshine Company and the London correspondent for Gather Journal. She also writes for Toast and T Magazine.

Neil DaCosta
DaCosta likes going to the river and talking to himself. But that is kind of weird. So he enlisted the help of Loki, a German shepherd. Now it is less weird. Together they spend a lot of their free time exploring the Pacific Northwest, shooting photos along the way.

Melissa Dettloff
Dettloff is a Detroit-based designer, illustrator, and printmaker. Her favourite pastime is walking her dog Miguel, a wire-haired galgo, through the neighbourhood and answering the question “What kind of dog is that?”.

Max Doyle
Australian Doyle is the editor-in-chief of art/photography magazine doing bird, which features the likes of Terry Richardson and Lachlan Bailey. He also contributes to publications such as Vogue Australia. Doyle lives with his wife, children, and a West Highland terrier, Mazzy Star.

Stephen Eichhorn
Eichhorn lives and works in Chicago with his two toy poodles, Francis and Lulu. His hand-cut collage work, which he has shown both nationally and internationally, is constructed with Lulu in lap.

Kyle Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick is a gay former military brat living in Los Angeles. With a love for horror films, champagne, short shorts, and CAPS LOCK, he works as a writer, sometimes actor, and sometimes television producer. Kyle loves dogs more than people (except his boyfriend).

Meredith Forrester
Forrester lives in Melbourne, edits words all day long, then goes home and dreams about puppies. A recurring fantasy of hers involves walking a scruffy terrier named Howard around Central Park before cuddling up on the couch with him to pore over proofs of The New Yorker.

Amy Freeborn
A former Australian beach babe, now big-city living in London, Freeborn is a journalist and amateur photographer. She likes music, alt- and pop-culture, wears a lot of amethyst, and not-so-secretly wishes she were a mermaid.

Robb Fritz
Writer Fritz lives in Los Angeles. He grew up in Minnesota with much-loved collies, but now lives with politically indifferent cats. He has promised his daughter a puppy “as soon as we move to the country.” In his McSweeney’s column, “History’s a Bitch”, he follows dogs’ wide-eyed, oblivious roles in world events.

Travis Garone 
Garone is one of the founders of Urchin, a studio space in Melbourne. Always creative, always evolving, always youthful. Creating things that make a change. Stay young, stay true.

Beth Garrabrant
Garrabrant is a New York-based photographer, photo editor, and dog enthusiast. She is currently the bookings director at Nylon magazine.

Nisha Gopalan
Gopalan is currently the creative strategist for New York magazine. She has been an editor at Entertainment Weekly and Nylon magazines, and has written for The New York TimesBillboardThe Hollywood Reporter, and Gawker Media.

James Geer
Geer picked up his first camera aged 10 for a trip to India and has not stopped travelling or shooting since. He loves dogs, the ocean, and his family (not in that order!), and on any given Saturday you’ll find him surfing or catching squid on his tinnie.

Josh Gurrie
Based in New York legally/illegally for 15 years, Gurrie had his first group show at the age of 11, scaring adults and children alike with his poignant life drawing of a big, fat, naked, bald lady. He spent the last few years walking a giant dog around Greenpoint, wearing silver shoes, and unsuccessfully trying to say “turkey sandwich” in Polish. He is the design director at Jo Malone and art director at Everything Is.

Samantha Gurrie
Gurrie was the editorial director of Four&Sons’ print publication. She was the senior editor of Nylon Magazine for almost a decade—interviewing artists, musicians, and designers from M.I.A. to Jeremy Scott to the Killers—but the Brooklyn-based writer unabashedly prefers dogs to people. After losing the love of her life, a Rottweiler named Bailey, she now volunteers with cuddlesome pit bulls who just get a bad rap.

Emma Guthrie
Melbourne-based Guthrie is a bespectacled office worker who moonlights as a freelance journalist and copywriter, regularly contributing to various independent online publications. She is also the proud stepmother of Bob the manic mongrel.

Diego Hadis
Hadis lives in Brooklyn, where he and his wife dream of one day owning a dog. He has written for T Magazine, Swallow, and Gather Journal, and coedited the book Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-inch Records from the USA.

Hideaki Hamada
Hamada is an Osaka-based freelance photographer. His work has appeared in magazines such as Kinfolk and The Big Issue, and he also shoots photos for numerous advertising campaigns. In 2012, Hamada published the photobook Haru and Mina, which captures the whimsical adventures of his two sons.

Chris Harrigan
Melbourne-based Harrigan is the editorial assistant at Smith Journal. His writing has been published in The Lifted Brow and Junkee. He thinks the cat-versus-dog thing is a false dichotomy, though is himself most definitely a cat person.

Mike Harvkey
New York-based Harvkey is the author of the novel In the Course of Human Events, and has written for The New York Times MagazineSalon, The Believer, Nylon, and other magazines.

Kate Jinx
Jinx is the director of programming at Golden Age Cinema in Sydney, national film editor for The Thousands, and a PhD candidate. Ex-FBi Radio and Triple J, she’s a regular guest on ABC radio and telly, and presents performance lectures on important topics like evil cats, but is yet to tackle dogs.

Rajni Lucienne Jacques
A graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, Jacques has been an editor at The Fader, InStyle, Vibe, Nylon, and Glamour magazines, as well as public relations director at Christian Louboutin. She is currently freelancing and consulting at various magazines and labels.

Mark Kayler-Thomson
Kayler-Thomson is one of the founders of creative studio Urchin and retail store Doomsday. As a child he saw his dog Rocky get run over by a truck. He never got over it.

Jung Kim
Kim is a New York-based documentary photographer. Her signature work with musicians and artists gives the viewer rare and intimate glimpses into their lives. She recently finished a five-year collaboration with indie icon Daniel Johnston that culminated into the first photo book on the artist.

Jinnie Lee
Lee is a writer based in Brooklyn and she co-runs the literary site

April Long
Long is a Kansas native whose first dog was named Toto. She is now officially over the rainbow: a Manhattan-based writer and beauty editor at Elle who spends her spare time attempting to accommodate the whims of her long-haired Chihuahua, Lila. Formerly the executive editor of Nylon, Long has written about music, pop culture, travel, and lifestyle for numerous publications.

Kendall Meade
Meade is a Detroit-born writer and musician, currently living in New York City. Her 14 lb Chihuahua/rat terrier rescue, Geronimo, is proving to be a wonder dog after recently devouring a large dark chocolate bar infused with espresso beans—with no apparent side effects.

Alex Mellon
Mellon is a London-based illustrator and sign painter. His fantastical worlds are reminiscent of those we lived as kids, but his down-and-out characters create something more akin to Bukowski in Disneyland. His clients include ViceLazy Oaf, and Frische. He also enjoys spending as much time as he can with his canine best friend, Sidney.

Will Morley
Morley is an alien. A legal alien. An Englishman in New York. He’s a freelance writer specialising in entertainment and lifestyle content, and has written for Entertainment Weekly, BBC Worldwide, and many more. His best friend is a Chihuahua.

Hayley Morgan
Morgan is a writer, editor, thinker, photoshopper, and occasional stylist currently setting up a life in Berlin, while trying hard to earn a patch of land to plonk a dog, cat, and bunny, who’ll be named Barrel, Spunky, and Gregg. Morgan is also a huge appreciator of clever wi-fi titles.

Sally Moussawi
Moussawi aged four wanted to be a dog when she grew up. Despite a disappointing growth spurt into a fully fledged human, she remains hopeful. She is based in London and is always on the hunt for beautiful things and epigrammatic encounters.

Gemma O’Brien
O’Brien is a Sydney-based artist specialising in hand-lettering and illustration. She has been commissioned by Qantas, Volcom, Kirin, and The New York Times. She is represented by The Jacky Winter Group and is a Volcom Women’s Ambassador.

Max Olijnyk
Olijnyk is a writer and photographer from Melbourne. His work can be found in a variety of publications and on his own blog. He writes captions and teaches grammar classes at The Good Copy. He also makes clothing under the label Note to Self.

Andrew Pommier
Based in Vancouver, Pommier mixes the polish and rawness of the creative process into his artwork. Left exposed are the rough pencil lines referencing sketches. In 2014 he mounted a solo show of paintings at Okazi Gallery in Berlin. Previously, he has shown in Tokyo at Diginner Gallery, in group shows at L.A.-based This Gallery, and at Vancouver’s Equinox Gallery.

Mallory Rice
Rice is a writer and editor based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She studied creative writing at Brooklyn College, and is a senior editor at Nylon, i-D, and The Cut. She prefers grey dogs.

Tobias Röttger
award nominee Röttger was a finalist for the Newcomer award by the German Design Council. He worked at HORT, designing and art directing for international clients including Microsoft, Nike, and Adidas, before establishing his own firm, Stahl-R.

Steve Ryan
Irish-born, London-based photographer Ryan has shot for The Financial Times, The Irish Times, VICE, and Totally Dublin. He is co-founder of food magazine Root + Bone. He had a springer spaniel as a child, and when he moves to the country, would love a basset hound or a border collie.

Jessa Shields
Shields is a freelance writer based in Sydney. Most of her writing is devoted to film, but she also writes about television, music, fashion, design and—now—dogs. When she’s not in a cinema, Shields is at the park with her kelpie pup, Hartigan, whose name is a film reference, naturally.

Bill Stepanoski
Brooklyn-based filmmaker and photographer Stepanoski began his career at age 12 as the habitual shooter at family weddings in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. Now his clients include Adidas, Y-3, Franz Ferdinand, and Pepsi, and he has recently been awarded default dog-sitter status. 

Emma Tucker
Tucker is a London-based freelance writer and editor, who covers design, art, culture, and occasionally music. When she’s not daydreaming about adopting a rescue dog, she contributes to the likes of Grafik,
We Heart, Eye on Design, and YCN. She also likes going on bike rides, and planning imaginary novels.

Wai Lin Tse
Barcelona-based Tse pursued a career in fashion before realising that photography was her passion. She has shot editorials for Apartamento, Lula, The Plant, and Gather Journal; as well as campaigns for Via Snella, Cecilia Sörensen, and Urban Outfitters.

Fiorella Valdesolo
Valdesolo is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor—focused on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and culture topics—whose work has appeared in a variety of publications. She is the editor and co-founder ofJames Beard award–winning food magazine Gather Journal, a contributing writer at, and the author of Pretty: The Nylon Book of

Klee Van Schoonhoven
Brooklyn-based Van Schoonhoven and her Chihuahua Goldie are the artists behind 8lb Pooch, a collage project that involves clever cutouts and very adept dog modelling. instagram/8lbpooch

Elke Voselsang
Vogelsang is a people and pet photographer based in Germany. Her Spanish rescue dogs Noodles, Scout, and Ioli find themselves in front of her camera regularly and are the stars of some of her photo series.

Kimberly M. Wang
Captivated by creative inspiration and processes, Wang is currently shooting a series of photo essays featuring a diverse collection of world-renowned artists. Her editorial work has appeared in features for Vogue, Le Monde, and Telva. Between shoots, her two adopted mutts offer the reminder that meditative walks create resilience and clarity during turbulent times.

Deborah Williams
Visual artist Williams is a keen observer of the canine realm. Her artistic perspectives have been further informed by frequent travels to remote locales, where she has explored culturally relative attitudes to both pet ownership and abandonment.