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Ally Capellino

Ally Capellino first canine collection is every bit as elegant as the label’s high-class/no-frills human accessories.


Ally Capellino

High-end bag and accessory label Ally Capellino isn’t usually in the business of designing fine leather goods for animals (they’ve been too busy dressing Europe’s young creatives since opening in 1980). But after years of being asked to apply their craft to pet-based items, the British designers have finally relented—and from the looks of things, it’s been a raging success. Made in the UK from genuine Italian leather and re-waxable British cotton, the Ally Capellino range of collars, coats, and leads is every bit as elegant as the label’s high-class/no-frills human-wear.

The transition to inter-species designer wasn’t exactly an obvious one. Founder Alison Lloyd admits to being scared of dogs as little as just five years ago. But after making friends with her neighbour’s “crazy staffy” Haggis, a Jack Russell “with a face like a bat” called Coco Chanel, and, finally, her daughter’s own Bedlington whippet, Radish, Lloyd admits to being won over. Radish was the first dog to have a coat designed, and the range spread from there. It also includes something for humans: a leather grooming apron, designed to protect the groomer from being covered in dog hair during that necessary but unglamorous task. “Dog hair is a pain,” Lloyd admits, “so an apron is totally what’s needed.” RT

Photography: James Geer. Photography assistant: Tom Blachford. Art direction: Four&Sons.
Featuring: Heather and Dan with Herb and Neato; Tom and Kate with Indigo; Tim with Herb; Miranda with Charlie, Robbie, and Sara with Walter.



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