These beds are an elegant take on what’s often a living-room eyesore.



You don’t have to be a minimalist to appreciate the lofted look of Arvin Grex’s Angus dog bed. Streamlined as it is, the cot-like design which features a cowhide attached to a sleek metal frame—actually creates an opportunity for air to flow below the area where your canine spends most of their days dreaming away. This means that less moisture-related mould and mildew are able to build up and penetrate your home (and your dog), which makes everyone a happy camper. The natural hide is also rugged and easy to clean: just give it a light vacuum or wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Aesthetically, Angus beds are an elegant take on what’s often a living-room eyesore. It makes sense, then, that they’re the upshot of a frustrated designer’s creative thinking. Sydney-based furniture and interior designer Ingrid Morgan says the concept was sparked by her own dog: a German shorthaired pointer aptly called Angus. Wanting a bed that didn’t dominate a room, Morgan eschewed the padded variety for a raised design that seems to float within a space.

Morgan uses local upholsterers, metal workers, and powder-coaters to create each bed, and she sources all the hides from an Australian dealer. “I personally go in and hand-sort through the hides they have in the warehouse, because I’m looking for certain sizes and colours,” she says. “I usually drag my trusty driving buddy, my dog, along with me.”



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