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Delta blues

Solitary dogs are the stars of Maude Schuyler Clay’s photo book Delta Dogs, a collection of images taken in the Mississippi region.


Delta blues

Solitary, people-less dogs are the stars of Maude Schuyler Clay’s photo book Delta Dogs, a collection of photographs taken across the course of 10 years around the Mississippi region. The beautiful black and white images portray both the wilderness of the area and the loneliness of the dogs, some of which are just glimpses hidden in the Delta landscape.

The photographer—who lives with six canine friends, four of which are Delta rescues—explains that she’s been driving and photographing the area for years, but it wasn’t until the 90s that she started documenting the dogs themselves, having since amassed around 300 images that feature the “indigenous canine presence”, as she calls it.

“I was looking for the poignant, funny, amazing (groups of dogs are especially fascinating to me) and there were plenty to choose from,” she explains. “There is a certain sadness about the dogs that you suspect are completely homeless and wild. I wonder how long they can last with no humans to take care of them. Some of them remind me of The Road by Cormac McCarthy—just out there foraging in the world with not much hope of doing much but surviving.”

All images courtesy of Maude Schuyler Clay



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