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Come for the hounds, stay for the lessons.



Dogs bring out the best in us. Or, in the words of Dog Guys’ creators, Adam Macbeth and Robert Gadol Lavenstein, “dogs ​​help us free the best and wildest parts of our authentic selves.” In their warm, witty and beautifully insightful episodic web series Dog Guys, the pair explores themes of gender that challenge traditional constructs of masculinity, men’s mental and physical health, and, of course, the cosmic connection between human and hound. Artfully shot and spliced with animation, the series follows Macbeth and Gadol Lavenstein on their daily strolls through New York City. Each episode is anchored by the pair’s encounter with a new dog—“that magical moment of meeting a dog and potential new best friend”—and a rundown of the breed’s heritage and traits. Ever wondered why a bulldog’s face is carved with canyon-like wrinkles? You’ll find out in episode four (be warned, it ain’t pretty). Why are ducks drawn to Nova Scotia duck tolling Retrievers? And what the heck is a ‘toller scream’? Episode five has your answers.

Dog Guys aren’t just diehard dog lovers; they’re also fierce advocates for dog adoption, closing out each episode with a reminder to adopt a dog. No matter where you are in the world, Dog Guysadoption map (found on their website) pinpoints where you might find your new furry, forever-loyal soulmate.



Have you ever imagined Amy Winehouse or Nick Cave as a Chihuahua, Neil Young as a Vizsla, or PJ Harvey as an Afghan hound? That’s exactly what San Francisco-based artist Michael Gillette has done through his unique illustration project, blending beloved, iconic music legends, both past and present, with their dog counterparts. Pack of Dogs, our first foray into book publishing, is a celebration of pup and pop culture for music and dog lovers alike.


Photographer Carlos Sanva explores the way humans project themselves onto pit bulls, and what that means from a social point of view.

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