Burberry hats, beautiful shots and a cute Frenchie named Brixton.



There are an incalculable number of dog Instagram accounts out there. But not every one soars to the heights of ‘pet influencer’. Brixton the Frenchie has. So, what’s the secret? Truth is, no one knows, but there are key ingredients that definitely help to perfect the recipe. Brixton’s human, Daniel Wemyss, has mixed each image with precision, resulting in the addictive vortex of @Brixton_the_Frenchie’s feed. Stunningly composed shots that harness nature’s palette, of-the-moment fashion accessories and a flawless eye for what looks good.

Instagrammers lapped up snaps of Brixton with delight and no one was more surprised than Wemyss: “Never did I expect to gain a following from my images, not in a million years.” But followers piled on, revelling in photos of Brixton sporting his best Burberry hat, bouncing along the beaches of the Scottish Highlands, and breaking hearts as he cosies up to his best friend, brother and co-star, Ezra. So has his four-legged friends’ fame changed Wemyss’s life? 1000%: “Every day when I’m out enjoying life, I’m constantly looking for new locations, for signposts, patterns in nature that could make an interesting image. It’s made me look at the world in a different way; everything has the potential to make a great shot. The influence it’s had on my life is huge.” He’s seen Brixton headline a campaign for a sizable fashion retailer and made lifelong friends through Instagram, but when it comes to his hounds’ rise to fame, Daniel’s highlight of the journey is somewhat simpler: “My favourite moment was simply getting Brixton and Ezra—it was a dream come true. I’d always dreamed of getting a Frenchie, then after years of research and fantasising it finally happened.” When asked what his boys would say if they could talk: “I think he would ask me ‘You got anymore of those little dehydrated liver sausages?’ Haha! But really, I hope they would tell me that I’ve done OK, and that they’re happy.”

All images courtesy of Daniel Wemyss



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