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Freshly Baked

Dog and food photography come together in Natsuko Kuwahara’s charming breakfast recipe book, Bread and a Dog.


Freshly Baked

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For Natsuko Kuwahara, breakfast has become somewhat of a livelihood. The former pastry chef turned food stylist has published a book chronicling four years of breakfast with her dog, Kipple, called Bread and a Dog.

The project came about when Kuwahara started taking photos of Kipple hanging around the breakfast table every morning in her home in Tokyo’s Nakano district. Kipple is especially partial to the delicious smell of Kuwahara’s home-baked bread, as the book’s title suggests. Aside from adorable shots of Kipple’s pleading eyes staring up at perfectly stylised plates of bagels, strawberries, French toast or leftover curries, Bread and a Dog offers recipes and tips for cooking delicious breakfasts.

Kuwahara also hopes that the book will encourage people to be open to the charm of mixed-breed and adopted dogs (Kipple is a rescue), which are not as popular as pure-breeds in Japan.

All images courtesy of
Natsuko Kuwahara / Phaidon

Published by Phaidon
(English and French editions)

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