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Miami Sunrise

Tomáš Werner’s A Handbook for Dog Walkers pays homage to Miami with the help of all-smiling, willing muse.


Miami Sunrise

Story goes that when photographer Tomáš Werner met a four-year-old Pomeranian called ‘Q’, Werner was out of work and Q was keen to pose. It was a fateful pairing. “It almost seems like Q was waiting to be photographed,”  Werner says. So the shots began, and ended, and wound up in A Handbook for Dog Walkers. Q oozes some serious charm, smiling from ear to ear as he poses—genuinely poses—atop all sorts of pedestals. His range is impressive: sometimes he’ll lie with one paw flopped forward, or he might assume a direct profile with his head a precise 80 degrees. Always willing, Q makes an incredible muse, and his ability to work it like the best is complemented by Werner’s eye for location. Pastel-coloured Art Deco buildings in Miami backdrop the story, providing a cohesive narrative. While Q champions the shots, they’d still be beautiful in his absence. As much
as the photographs are about Q, they’re also a homage to the details found everywhere on buildings, homes, businesses, and streets in Florida. An intensely humorous, feel-good look at architecture, and Q, of course. Includes an afterword by Elliot Erwitt.

All images courtesy of Tomáš Werner
A Manual for Dog Walkers © Tomáš Werner

Originally published in Four&Sons, Issue Three.
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Have you ever imagined Amy Winehouse or Nick Cave as a Chihuahua, Neil Young as a Vizsla, or PJ Harvey as an Afghan hound? That’s exactly what San Francisco-based artist Michael Gillette has done through his unique illustration project, blending beloved, iconic music legends, both past and present, with their dog counterparts. Pack of Dogs, our first foray into book publishing, is a joyful title designed for music, pop culture and dog lovers alike. 


Whoever coined the infamous idiom ‘in the doghouse’ clearly never came across Italian industrial designer Filippo Pisan’s handsome design.

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