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Pagerie’s distinctive pieces are turning heads.


Elegance, style, practicality and sustainability—four words once never expected in the same sentence in a conversation about dog-wear. But the industry is advancing with sighthound-like speed, spawning brands and fashion houses boasting standards once reserved for humans. Pagerie sauntered onto the scene in 2020 with a collection of ultra-luxury pet accessories. And while it may sound indulgent, founder Mandy Madden Kelley built her business on solid foundations: sustainability, impeccable craftsmanship and timeless style. Made to last using superior-quality materials, Pagerie’s distinctive pieces such as the striking Babbi harness and Dórro collar are in it for the long haul—the refreshing antithesis to landfill-bound dog outfits that flood Instagram feeds. Pagerie’s high-grade French leather undergoes vegetable tanning, a REACH-certified, eco-friendly method that also results in enhanced durability. Each piece is finished with stainless-steel hardware; most notably the brand’s signature turnlock feature, the likes of which you might expect on a head-turning luxury handbag. Speaking of head turning, get used to it. A Pagerie pooch is no stranger to photos surreptitiously snapped by wide-eyed admirers.

All images courtesy of Pagerie


Have you ever imagined Amy Winehouse or Nick Cave as a Chihuahua, Neil Young as a Vizsla, or PJ Harvey as an Afghan hound? That’s exactly what San Francisco-based artist Michael Gillette has done through his unique illustration project, blending beloved, iconic music legends, both past and present, with their dog counterparts. Pack of Dogs, our first foray into book publishing, is a celebration of pup and pop culture for music and dog lovers alike.


In his ongoing photo essay, photographer Shayan Asgharnia captures moments shared between the men and their dogs at California City Correctional Facility with a raw and beautiful intensity.

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