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Pet haven

Artist Corrie Wessman brings some much-needed humour to the serious business of pet portraiture.


Pet haven

Wit and wisdom mix in artist Corrie Wessman’s portfolio of pet portraits, which embraces the creative possibilities of humour. Alongside quizzical giraffes and smug-looking llamas, Wessman depicts dogs charmingly attired in bow ties, polka dots and ruffled collars.

Wessman’s love of portraiture started out with people, but as the artist found herself focusing more and more on achieving perfect details, taking away from her enjoyment of the process, she found an antidote in an unexpected place. “After my first portrait of a snarky animal in a sweater, it felt as though I had hit a gold mine,” she explains. “All of the pushing and challenging myself to go deeper in my work to find something that ‘clicks’ more with me as a person and as an artist, suddenly fell into place.”

Above and beyond her work’s obvious charm there’s something deeper at play, and Wessman explains that authenticity is of utmost importance both for herself as an artist and for the subjects she captures. “I feel a connection with each piece, which then translates to connecting with my customers,” she elaborates. “They’re coming to me because of the connection they have with my work, which creates an automatic bond.”

All drawings courtesy of Corrie Wessman



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