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Nathaniel Russell

Nathaniel Russell’s easy-going style  is at odds with his hyper-prodigious output. Rainbo, Rusell’s latest show opens today at Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco.


Nathaniel Russell

Nathaniel Russell is an Indianapolis-based artist whose easy-going style  is at odds with his hyper-prodigious output. His inspiration stems from the bold, fluid design work of illustrators from the ’60s and ’70s—artists who took pop art mainstream such as Milton Glaser and Heinz Edelmann. Working in  a variety of mediums, from zines to fabric prints to fake books (blocks of wood painted to look like hefty tomes), Russell imbues all with his mellow sense  of humour. That theme also carries through to his commercial work—album art and sleeves for folk-rock bands such as Iron and Wine, Vetiver,  and his own Americana-tinged music under the guise Birds Of America.

But it’s his take on the DIY flyer that people are drawn to most. At first glance, the posters look like genuine community  announcements for missing pets,  but are actually absurdist plays on the familiar kind of xeroxed notes seen pinned to neighbourhood telegraph poles. Highlights include Susan, a lost cat whose owners advise she will appear as “an infinite ball of light”, and Pierre, a revolutionary poodle calling for dogs to rise up against their owners.

Rainbo, Rusell’s latest show opens today at Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco.
Until 31 October 2014



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