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Save Me

Sean Alexander Geraghty photographs the stray dogs of Romania and the charity working to protect them.


Save Me

In a picture taken by London-based photographer Sean Alexander Geraghty, three dogs poke their heads up, almost comically, over the top of a six-foot tall wooden fence.

The situation depicted in this black and white series, however, is anything but comical. Instead, Geraghty is documenting the plight of stray dogs in Romania, specifically via the work of a charity called Save the Dogs and other Animals, founded by Sara Turetta (pictured on the road.)

It is estimated that over 65,000 stray dogs wander through Romania’s capital Bucharest. Trying to manage these numbers, the government has been killing any stray dog that isn’t claimed within two weeks. Save the Dogs counteracts this with a more humane approach that includes sterilisation, registration and an international adoption program, alongside an education program to reach rural and small town population.

Through his photo-essay, Geraghty hopes to bring to light the mission of this dedicated charity, which is in desperate need of support. “I don’t think humans are more important than animals of vice versa,” says Geraghty, “but I truly believe that by helping the animals’ cause, we gain in humanity.”

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Sean Alexander Geraghty

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