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A book crammed with architectural designs for pets who fit in the palm of your hand to pets who practically need their own house.



Our pets may live in our homes, but that does not mean they were built for them. Where’re the hidey-holes? The nooks and crannies to squeeze their snouts in? The cosy cave to curl up in? Well, they are here in Phaidon’s Pet-tecture, a book crammed with architectural designs for pets who fit in the palm of your hand to pets who practically need their own house.

Style-buffs will be thrilled to find works from Nendo, Kenya Hara, Sou Fujimoto, MAD Architects and Kengo Kuma inside, whilst pet owners everywhere can get inspired by some thought-provoking ideas. Beds and sanctuaries can be found in the form of a birdhouse built into a rooftile, a wooden coffee table with undulations for cats to slink through and sleep, and a dog bed made of a simple wooden frame and your own t-shirt. You may spot some familiar faces too from certain brands we’ve featured before, such as Hellopets with their felt grey teepee.

Pet-tecture is a study about how we incorporate dogs into our lives but also how dogs inspire us to think outside of the box, to not cater for ourselves but for them. From small cat boxes, to stables larger than a small house, there is no limit to what we will do for our pets. Beautifully designed with a minimalist key and popping colours, this book is sure to inspire and entertain.



A heartfelt thank you to all the photographers, artists, illustrators, and writers who trusted us, dived in, and brought us delight, grace, excitement, courage, wilderness, and wonder over the last five years. Their work not only reflects the bonds we share with our animal companions, it also celebrates their spirit.

None of this would be possible without our four-legged counterparts who sprinkle magic dust time and time again, and our readers, who embraced this kooky idea, rallied around us, and made this world theirs too. With friends like these, who needs nine lives?


Grippingly cringeworthy in places and charmingly endearing throughout, The Wrong End of the Stick is a dark comedy by Terri Matthews. Malcolm’s humdrum life is interrupted by an identity crisis, leading him down a bizarre and beautiful tale of things left unsaid, leg-humping, and plenty of awkward staring. Set against a live-action background, but with very human animated characters, Matthews manages to expertly play with humour and heart, touching on carnal urges, communication and open-mindedness.


New York frontiers-label Best Made caters for doers, makers, explorers, inventors, artists, and, now, your dog.


Resident Dog makes for a beautiful addition to any coffee table, but it might be difficult to keep your own pup from putting its paws all over it. 

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