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Home is where the hound is at this San Diego store.



Located in the creative enclave of North Park, San Diego, Home+Hound is the brainchild of Brittney Garbani, a Texan-turned-Californian on a mission to set up an entirely offline shop that would combine her passions: design and dogs. “We are social and physical creatures,” Garbani says. “I pride myself on curating a space that blurs the lines between residential and retail. Connecting with customers and offering them personable service is something that cannot be replicated online. Being in a space that activates all of your senses is more enriching and fun, I think.”

Garbani uses her background in fashion, graphic and interior design to source beautiful items, for both humans and hounds, with a special attention to quality, lifespan and aesthetic. With every piece, she aims to support women-owned, locally made and handmade items as often as possible. Not only is Home+Hound bringing dog-lovers, owners and the curious public together, it’s fast becoming a fixture for the local pups. Garbani learns their names, shares their photographs on Instagram, and distributes treats. “It’s the highlight of my day. I’ve been told many times by non-dog owners that the shop inspires them to consider having a dog in their lives.”

All images courtesy of Home+Hound



A heartfelt thank you to all the photographers, artists, illustrators, and writers who trusted us, dived in, and brought us delight, grace, excitement, courage, wilderness, and wonder over the last five years. Their work not only reflects the bonds we share with our animal companions, it also celebrates their spirit.

None of this would be possible without our four-legged counterparts who sprinkle magic dust time and time again, and our readers, who embraced this kooky idea, rallied around us, and made this world theirs too. With friends like these, who needs nine lives?

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