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Snack Pack

For healthy, sustainable, and ethical treats look no further than The Pet Grocer.


Snack Pack

The packaging is so impressive we almost don’t need to know what’s inside. Aesthetically, The Pet Grocer products combine the modernist ’toon simplicity of Parisian dog duo Caperino&Peperone with the clean aesthetic of fellow Melbourne natives Aesop.

Inside, the products are pretty special too. The brand feverishly—possibly obsessively—seeks out healthy, sustainable, and ethical treats for cats and dogs by using dehydration methods that maintain the nutrients and integrity of raw produce. This process may be beyond the comprehension of you and your dog, but let’s face it—lots of dogs will gnaw on just about anything—table leg, old socks, Frisbee—so you might as well give them the best thing for their chewing efforts. Popular products include kangaroo heart, whole school fish, lamb lung, duck feet, and bully sticks. Once your pet’s had their nutritional treat, The Pet Grocer sells superior soaps to get their outsides all scrubbed up too.

All images courtesy of The Pet Grocer



A heartfelt thank you to all the photographers, artists, illustrators, and writers who trusted us, dived in, and brought us delight, grace, excitement, courage, wilderness, and wonder over the last five years. Their work not only reflects the bonds we share with our animal companions, it also celebrates their spirit.

None of this would be possible without our four-legged counterparts who sprinkle magic dust time and time again, and our readers, who embraced this kooky idea, rallied around us, and made this world theirs too. With friends like these, who needs nine lives?


This short film paints a portrait of isolation and quiet despair with darkly comic moments and a poignant ending.

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