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Wild One’s toy kit satisfies the chewers, tuggers and runners with playthings for every recreational whim.



Whether ducking and diving, leaping or lolloping, we all know and love the up-ended bum waggle of a dog happy in play. Toys give us humans a chance to get to know them at their happiest, whilst aiding in the development of their social skills when around other hounds. Great toys should reward curiosity, help practice patience, and above all, make them go wild with glee. 

Whether your dog likes to rough and tumble, snoop for treats or gently maul, Wild One’s Toy Kit caters to every recreational whim. Made up of three toys, each is designed for different elements of play, from chewing and tugging to snuffling and fetching. The geometric shapes and minimalist colour range make them attractive to look at, whilst food-safe rubber and 100% organic cotton make sure there’s nothing to disrupt the fun. Test your dog’s strength with the Triangle Tug, run out all the energy with bouncy Twist Toss, or keep him occupied with the freezer-friendly Bolt Bite, which features two open ends perfect for hiding treats and spreads. Reinforced cores and quality materials ramp up the durability for the rowdiest of players, especially teething pups. 

All images courtesy of Wild One



Have you ever imagined Amy Winehouse or Nick Cave as a Chihuahua, Neil Young as a Vizsla, or PJ Harvey as an Afghan hound? That’s exactly what San Francisco-based artist Michael Gillette has done through his unique illustration project, blending beloved, iconic music legends, both past and present, with their dog counterparts. Pack of Dogs, our first foray into book publishing, is a celebration of pup and pop culture for music and dog lovers alike.


Photographer Carlos Sanva explores the way humans project themselves onto pit bulls, and what that means from a social point of view.

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