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Turn the table

Ceramist Eleonor Boström doesn’t make your mother’s porcelain. She sculpts ceramic dog teacups, pincushions and other lovable everyday objects.


Turn the table

Swedish ceramist Eleonor Boström doesn’t make your mother’s porcelain: polished dolls and manicured poodles. She sculpts tabletop tchotchkes of winsome mutts with heart-shaped noses. There’s a bud vase, where blooms will sprout from a hound’s head, a coffee mug, with a tiny dog hiding in your cup of Joe, and a pincushion, a pup whose tail serves as a spindle.

“I’ve always had dogs until recently, so I think in lack of having one, I unconsciously started making porcelain dogs,” says Boström. “There is something about a dog’s expression that catches my eye.” After trying her hand at different crafts at RISD, from weaving to printing, the art-school graduate decamped to Berlin, a city that “seems to have more dogs than anywhere I’ve ever been!”

Inspired by flea-market figurines, Boström mixes her own paper-based clay and sketches her creations beforehand. “Porcelain can be a really frustrating material until you come to know its characteristics,” she says. “What I like most about my work is decorating—painting the dogs’ faces and seeing different characters form. I want every piece to be playful.”

All images courtesy of Eleonor Boström
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