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Warts and all

Carli Davidson shakes pet photography up.


Warts and all

Carli Davidson loves animals, that we can tell. An experienced animal trainer/caretaker and award winning pet photographer, Davidson’s understanding of animal behaviour gives her the edge to approach her subjects like you would a longtime friend. This is no pet photography as we know it, the choices being unique and very, very personal, as seen is series such as Pets with disabilities and Pride Northwest. Here, there is no looking the other way.

Davidson’s series Shake (which is gone viral-crazy recently), portraying a group of dogs shaking off water, was shot in high speed and incredible detail; every crease, every drool, every drop of water in display. These are the kind of portraits we have all taken of our younger siblings: purposely unflattering, unexpected, odd, yet completely intimate and endearing.

All images by Carli Davidson



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