Canem Studio is a tiny empire of one, built on ethical design principles. Founder Thea Dyring’s made-to-order approach greatly reduces waste, lowers the environmental pawprint and raises long-term value for both their handmade leather goods and their sustainability kudos. Case in point, her project with fellow Norwegian brand Lillunn. Surplus lambswool from Lillunn’s iconic blankets were repurposed as the soft and durable cushioning for their vegetable-tanned leather collars and leads.

Why we love Canem Studio
Three words: handmade, sustainable, Scandinavian. Each accessory is a one-of-a-kind at Canem Studio, where Dyring herself does all of the cutting, stitching, and finishing. Her dog wares are built to last—tanned in vegetable fat, they’re exceptionally hard-wearing—and designed to “withstand the test of time—in terms of aesthetics, materials and craftsmanship.” Dyring is guided by zero waste ideals, using locally-sourced materials from her native Norway and neighbouring countries. For Canem Studio, all good things come in threes.