CLOUD7 — Four&Sons


Cloud7 is not your average dog brand. Founder and former fashion designer Petra Jungebluth and her team make products you’ll want to steal for yourself: beds with organic cotton mattress covers, handmade collars and leashes, 100% recycled eco puffer coats, each process becoming more and more sustainable every day. Their lookbooks feature an ongoing portrait series —championing locals and dogs met on the daily walk—and their down-to-earth attitude balances the high-quality aesthetic.

Why we love Cloud7
These guys are industry pioneers. We love their fabulous collection of warm coats; we love their cosy water-repellent bags; we love their fleecy soft blankets; we love how they source materials from organic farms and local production houses; and we love their quintessential German design: practical, stylish, minimal, and all the more beautiful for it.