Each beautifully handmade Lambwolf Collective piece is designed to complement the rest of its range, as well as dog owners’ own style and penchant for quality. In addition to its signature Nou collection (textured, non-rip objects designed to twist, knot and pretzel as you please), Lambwolf Collective’s also offers woven paracord collars, leashes and harnesses. For humans keen to keep up with their hound’s impeccable style, Lambwolf Collective designs stylish apparel and home items, too. In a sea of soft, earthy hues, there’s something instantly soothing and infinitely appealing about Lambwolf Collective’s range, each piece designed and made with the utmost love and care by founder Ang.

Why we love Lambwolf Collective
Lambwolf Collective’s ‘play objects’ are designed as ‘ours’ pieces—objects to be shared by human and hound. “I wanted to design something that will excite both parties when it’s playtime; something that will bring about quality time together.” It’s this deeply felt, genuine care for dogs and owners, and how they interact with Lambwolf Collective pieces, that imbues the brand with something unique, something you’ll feel immediately upon first play.