KINTAILS — Four&Sons


As the name suggests, Kintails is dedicated to our four-legged family members. To founder Genesta Gunn, who knows her way to canine and human hearts well, dogs are both the driving force and a main source of inspiration. Kintails works with local artisans who share the brand’s values to responsibly produce small quantities of stylish leather goods, ceramic bowls, fleece jackets, and more. And just as any nearest and dearest would do, they offer up valuable advice in the journal, including places to go, things to do (or not do!), and personal tales from kindred spirits.

Why we love Kintails 
The lifestyle brand’s slow approach places a strong emphasis both in protecting our environment and honouring the life of an accessory. “A product has to have a story and a reason to be. In a fast-paced world where everyone has to have everything, quality can get lost.” By championing a community of independent makers Kintails celebrates the art of craftsmanship—and all things dog, too.