MIACARA — Four&Sons


At first, MiaCara founder Sebastian Zweig didn’t think he wanted a dog, but then he met Cara. In 2011, the Labrador inspired Zweig and his wife, Barbara, to launch MiaCara, a brand with a simple premise: “Beautiful living with your dog and cat”. These days, MiaCara’s products match every part of a dog’s life: day beds for snoozing, long leads for walking, shampoo for grooming, mats for travelling, toys for playing, and treat jars for snacking. Animal needs are at the heart of MiaCara’s design process, which values comfort, quality, and durability. The upside for humans? The products look super smart.

Why we love MiaCara
The brand’s aesthetic is pared-back and clean, and steers away from “statement” pieces in favour of contemporary shapes and structures. Our one gripe? They don’t make the Letto dayBed for humans.