HOWLPOT — Four&Sons


If the Howlpot team had a mantra it would be “Form follows function”. Their much-loved (and award-winning) Howly beds take a conical shape, which encourages dogs to nestle, curl, and burrow the way only dogs can do. Started in Seoul by three former Samsung designers, Howlpot has been making “cool products for companion animals” for just over a year. Their full line includes handmade ceramic bowls, practical hammocks, colourful collars, and leads made from nylon rope and Italian leather.

Why we love Howlpot
These guys design for dogs and create cool experiences for humans. In just a year, they’ve added an art gallery, a workshop space, an online store, and a café on top of their line of pet products. In early 2016, their Pupp-Art show asked local artists, photographers, illustrators, and sculptors to make works in response to companion animals. Naturally, visitors were encouraged to bring their pets.